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Water & Other


GBI works with the world’s leading environmental engineers to fabricate, field erect and repair a broad spectrum of water storage and wastewater treatment solutions.   All of our products meet rigorous standards including those established by AWWA, ASME, and API.

GBI has also been at the forefront of technology for the Paper & Pulp industry.  GBI completed one of the first linings of a bleach tower replacing traditional brick and refractory with high-nickel alloy.  This development is poised to deliver substantial environmental and maintenance cost savings.

GBI consistently delivers high-quality products at competitive prices.  Our diversified experience and seasoned crews additionally enable us to build more involved structures such as elevated tanks, thickeners and clarifiers.

GBI also has extensive experience completing projects for government entities such as the DOD, NSA and the Army Corp of Engineers.


Water Storage Tanks

Thickeners, Clarifiers and Separators

Reactor Vessels and Process Tanks

Silos, Bins and Hoppers

Piping & Appurtenances

Bleach Tower Lining


Our Industry Standards and Accreditations


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